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Holy places relating to St Gemma

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Casa Giannini
This is the house where St Gemma spent the last four years of her life. Visit the Crucifix which lovingly embraced St Gemma. See where she sat when she ate with the family.  Visit the well in the garden which she threw herself into to avoid temptation.

St Gemma’s Sanctuary – Passionist Monastery dedicated to St Gemma.
Here you will see a bronze sepulchre under the altar, where St Gemma is entombed. The remains of St Gemma’s spiritual director, Venerable Padre Germanus Ruoppolo and Gemma’s Confessor, Monsignor Giovanni Volpi are also in the Monastery. Just outside the church there is a little museum with some of St Gemma’s clothes and personal objects. You can also find books about St Gemma, souvenirs, photos, holy cards and statues.

Santa Maria Della Rosa Church 
The church where St Gemma attended mass when she lived with the Giannini family. Here you will find an altar dedicated to St Gemma, the seat where she sat during mass and the confessional booth where she made her confessions.