Resigning yourself to God

He who gives himself to the Will of God gives to Him all that he has. This means accepting both prosperity and adversity with Christian resignation. To thank God in all things that are agreeable to us is acceptable to Him but to accept with cheerfulness what is repugnant to our amiable inclinations is still more pleasing to Him.

A single blessed be God in adversity is better than 6,000 thanksgivings in prosperity

We should conform to the Divine Will not only in misfortunes which come directly from evil but also in crosses which come indirectly from evil such as sickness, loss of property, loss of friends and relatives acts of injustice, deformations, calumnies, injuries and all sorts of persecutions. God does not Will men to commit sin, but He does wish us to bear with such a loss and with such a humiliation.

All that love God conform to His Will. This includes bearing all misfortunes with patience and equality of mind. Be detached from prosperity and adversity knowing that they are only temporary states and insignificant in the light of eternal salvation. Those that act in such a manner enjoy the peace that exceeds transitory sensual delights. This is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. A great and solid peace which is not liable to change.

Having once conformed to our own selfish ways and not to the Will of God, we laughed through folly and wept with despair. The emotional state changes through prosperity and adversity but the redeemed are like the sun, knowing God’s presence and protection whatever happens to them.

Once you are united to the Will of God nothing can deprive you of that spiritual joy which is not subject to the vicissitudes of this life.

This joy no man can take from you.

Those that repose in the Divine Will are like a people placed above the clouds. They see the lightning, hear the claps of thunder and the raging of the tempests but know salvation belongs to the Lord.

Those who, during life, cast themselves into the hands of God shall live a purposeful life and shall die a Holy death. Unite to the Divine Will during life and you shall not conform to death but be saved and know the accomplishment of the Divine Will as the sole object of life during the remainder of your days.