Remove negative thoughts

iStock_000005542459_LargeThroughout life we are constantly under the influence of people and the world. Some of these influences are good and promote us, but others are hostile and sometimes dangerous. If we want to lead a victorious life we need to protect ourselves from anything that can cause us harm. Every time we communicate with someone we are exposing ourselves to thoughts that enter into our minds. Sometimes people will encourage us and speak faith into us which is good as this leads to positive thoughts and a good outlook. But alot of the time we find that people can generally not be so kind. They can say all sorts of negative things to discourage us.

And they do….

Not up to par, too slow, too big, too small, not good looking enough, mediocre, just average, lacking, not got what it takes, too clumsy – you’ll never make that basketball team!

This leads to negative thoughts and if we allow them to take root we will become what people say we are. Some of us have been living with the wrong thoughts for so long that we actually believe that they are truth. They are not the truth..

They are actually lies from satan.

Do you know what it means to be deceived by satan? You don’t mean to be. I have been deceived by satan before. Being deceived by satan means that you believe all the negative things people have spoken over you. They build up overtime and become a tangled web of lies and deceit. They play on your mind like poison ivy sucking the life out of a plant until you finally believe these lies. Not only does this lead to a person having very low esteem, but it can also destroy your life by stopping you from being who God has created you to be.

“I don’t deserve to have a good life. I don’t deserve to be loved by others. I don’t deserve to be loved by God. I don’t measure up to others. Not up to par. Inferior, just don’t have what it takes.”

That’s the way the enemy works. he would love to have you thinking this way. The enemy does this to keep you from reaching your full potential. he doesn’t fight you from where you are, he fights you for where you’re going. he knows God has amazing things in store for you in your future so he’ll try to discourage you, intimidate you, make you feel inferior, make you live a life of worry and fear!

Is that what you want???

You cannot stop the negative comments, you can’t prevent negative thoughts from entering your mind but you can choose to remove them.

Diana Mendiola lived a sad, poor and difficult life that led her to become a prostitute and transport drugs. The only experience with people she had was to be verbally and physically abused by men. As she was lonely, unloved and needed company she felt she had to pay money for that abuse. Then they would leave her alone at their convenience. In other words…..

“You’re my slave, money provider and punchbag. You’re stupid, addicted, useless, time waster and no different to a doll placed in a box.”

She decided to remove those negative thoughts and put on some new thoughts…

“I’m strong, talented, valuable, daring, victorious, history maker, daughter of destiny, more than a conqueror. Child of victory, child of greatness, child of the most High God!”

“I shall leave this life behind and turn to Jesus!”

And when her past life tried to drag her back she just said..

“I shall not concentrate on the size of my problem but on the size of my God!”

She is now a church pastor and international evangelist. She has founded 14 churches and dedicates her life to helping prostitutes, drug addicts and AIDS patients.

If she had chosen not to remove those negative thoughts where would she be now? What would the lives be like of thousands of people out there?

So remove those negative thoughts today. Remember the devil will make bad thoughts seem impossible to overcome, what the medical report said, what a counsellor said, what a jealous co-worker told you. It will seem like a giant mountain of obstacles in your life. The mistake people make is that they should never focus on the size of their problem but they should focus on the size of their God! Remove those lies from satan! I just want to declare that you can and you will overthrow the enemy! Say it out aloud;


So when you next hear someone say something negative about you, you need to rise up and condemn that thought. As soon as you’re by yourself, Say it out aloud! That is a lie!


Don’t put up with that. You are a creation of the creator of the universe and the enemy has no right to trespass in your life. It does not matter what people think of you. They did not create you God did. They know nothing about you or what they are saying because they themselves are not perfect. Only God knows about you and God is perfect.

You are not what people say you are, you are who God says you are!

You have a right to stand up and condemn those thoughts in the name of Jesus. You have the power to cast out every thought that brings fear, torment, condemnation or destruction into your life. You see do something about it. Listen the enemy is aggressive with us and we need to be aggressive back. So get aggressive with the enemy.


Who are you to say that I will never own my own business, accomplish my dreams, defeat that cancer? Who are you to say that I’m too small, too quiet, not talented, too slow, not interesting? Who are you to say that i’ll never leave that neighborhood, get married and own my own home?

Friends, no problem, no medical report is too big for our God. He created the universe, He flung stars into space, He breathed life into you. We are His creation and we have been put here for His purpose. God did not make any mistakes when He created you. You are the right size, you have the right personality, the right gifts, the right looks and the right skin colour. You have the finger print of Almighty God in you. As it says in Psalm 139:14 “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made”.

If God be for you who dare be against you?

You are created in Gods image and God has a plan for your life. That is victory over your life and not defeat! So shake off all this wrong thinking that only leads to destruction.

People will tell you, not good enough, too slow, too old, too many mistakes. God labels you strong, talented, valuable, more than a conqueror!

“Yeah that’s all very well but, I never get any good breaks, I’ll never get back in shape, business is slow, I’ll probably get laid off. Flu season is here – I always get it”

No shake this off now! Do you realize that you’re prophesying defeat!

The thoughts that go through our minds will determine whether we live a life of victory or defeat. Thoughts are like seeds. You’re going to reap fruit from the exact seeds that you’ve been sowing. In other words you can’t think negative and expect to have a positive life. You can’t talk defeat and expect to have victory. You can’t talk, lack, not enough, can’t afford it, never going to get ahead and expect to have abundance.

We all face problems and situations that we think we cannot overcome. Says in Psalm 20:6 “The Lord gives victory to His annointed!”. That means that if you walk in Gods favour, believing in Him and honoring Him with all your life. I believe and declare you will overcome every obstacle, defeat every enemy and become everything God has created you to be – in Jesus name!

If you receive it can you say Amen?

I never like to finish without giving you the opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Would you pray with me?

Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I ask forgiveness for my sins and receive you as my Lord and Savior. Please deliver me from wrong thoughts and wrong habits. Thank you for giving me the gift of eternal life. I want to turn and live a new life with you as my Lord and Savior.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.