Offering yourself to God

Whatever work you do, no matter how humble, make as an offering to God. You do not work for your employer, you work for God. Your employers will not be on this earth forever and when they go they cannot take their wealth with them to the grave. All property and wealth is on loan because it actually belongs to God. Therefore, whatever task you do….

….is for God and God alone.

When you perform your duties, whatever they are, make them an offering to God. Be conscious that you are working for God and be sincere in the work you do. Perform every task to the best of your ability. This makes every task a work of love.
You are God’s instrument and God’s servant alone. He Who asks of you does not impose it. When you give yourself to God, give completely, without demand or reservation so that all in you shall belong to The Divine and nothing be left to any other power.