My Salvation


Consider a person suspended over a cliff edge held only by a thin rope. With full knowledge that the rope will eventually break they choose to ignore all help offered. Would you not agree with me that such actions are that of a madman?

The strange thing is that most people choose to be in an even greater state of danger!

To follow is an account of a  man in his early thirties totally preoccupied with the world and his place in it. He attends to his world affairs which involve going to parties and amusements. He works hard at his career, financial gain, recognition, his physical looks and all pursuits that will give him glory in the eyes of the world.

He takes pride in his successes because he believes that they will lead him to freedom and control. When failures come his way he becomes full of rage, loses control and begins to behave more or less…..

… a dog that has gone mad!

When he meets with occasional success he becomes puffed up with pride and vanity. But should somebody approach him with this simple question;

 “Do you know where you are from and where are you going?”

That person would not be able to answer but instead return a blank doe eyed stare. Why? The reason is simple. He is a person who is not in control of his life but rather the one who is being controlled. As his actions are not his own he is no different to a puppet whose strings get pulled by outside impulses.

These evil forces make him do stupid things and then laugh at him.

Such is the life of a person who is not close to God. Just like a toy puppet they are not conscious of their creator. Instead they drift through life in a complete trance. In a state of deep ignorance…..

…..not unlike an ox going to its slaughter.

And if you have not already guessed? That person was me.

The folly of the sinner

It was Saturday night and I had just returned home after a night of entertainment with my companions. My actions of laughter, callous wit and immodest gests had greatly amused those whom had found great pleasure in observing my obscene speech and vindictive behaviour. But now after a night of over indulging in food and drink I no longer felt the joy of the previous hours.

And then the voice that so often repeats itself in my head once again took this melancholy moment to say….

If tonight lest you die. Where wilt thou go?

And I would then say. “But…..I am not a bad person. I may not be a Saint but what harm have I ever done to anyone?”

But all these pleasures which were regarded as innocent, the acts of injustice I held to be allowable, now appear as what they really were grievous sins and offences against God. What benefit have I derived from my exalted dignity and the humiliation of my rivals!

My friend in Singapore had converted to Christianity 8 months ago and was now baptised. He had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Many times he had told me to give my life to Jesus.

No matter, next month…?

And where will you be next month…perhaps in the grave! And where will your soul be?

Ah better do it tomorrow then…

And who promises you tomorrow? Perhaps He will give it. Perhaps He will not!

What an excess of ingratitude. I had lived my life up to now and not even a word, not even a thought or a glance at Jesus! If my heart stopped beating a moment or two from now. Do I know where I will spend eternity? How terrible it would be for me if this were to be my last hour.

I knew that God is merciful and out of His infinite love for us sent His only son to save us from our sins as long as we are faithful and believe in Him. All I have to do is say a prayer and I will be safe.

And again the voice sounded like a trumpet in my head.

“Why do you seek the Lord now when for the whole of your life He has been far from your heart. People who live for the world and not God when on the bed of death will call out to the Lord, they will seek Him but they will not find Him. God says that this will be a time for vengeance not for mercy. You have had the time to turn to God, a whole lifetime. God gave you that opportunity last week, last year but did you think of Him? He was far from your thoughts. But time is up! Time shall be no longer”.

“Were you not already admonished to be prepared for death? Were you not told that it will come upon you when you least expect it? But now time is at an end…..

…..and where shall you go?”

But I was still alive and breathing. Maybe this isn’t my last hour. What if I turned to God now and asked for His mercy? Perhaps there is a way out of my situation. I could change right now, put behind me my past life and from now on live a life pleasing to God. Is it possible?

“It may be said that you have sincere sorrow for the wickedness of your past life, but is this true sorrow? Ah the criminal who goes to the executioner appears to be truly resigned.”

Knowing full well that my despair was from selfish fear only and not the love of God I knelt down and recited what I then knew was the Prayer of Salvation.

“Lord Jesus I’m sorry for my sins. Please make you my Lord and Saviour”

Ah how easy it is for the prisoner to be sorrowful when brought in chains to the place of execution.

But is this true sorrow?

At the moment on which eternity depends even made the Saints tremble at the hour of death.
How much worse for the sinner who has squandered the time which he could have used instead to put his accounts in order.

And my body went weak and as my eyes began to close I could only exclaim…..

“Oh God where shall I be in a few hours?”

God’s Grace

My senses were awakened by daylight and to a sweet smelling scent of flowers filling the room. As I looked around the room even inanimate objects appeared to be friendly. They appeared to be brighter than normal as if radiant from their own luminous glow. A very fine mist was in the air containing what appeared to be translucent forms. Barely visible and too quick to the eye.
I then recalled the night before and was filled with joy.

The Lord is with me and in my company

Overwhelmed with such grace my selfish fear was  instantly changed into love. As Mary Magdalene showed great love which proved her many sins had been forgiven.

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven – as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” – Luke 7:47

Getting down on my knees I thanked the Lord and changed my life…..

Are you at peace with Almighty God? Do you know where you will spend eternity if your heart stopped beating a moment or two from now?

If you would like to accept Jesus’ free gift and become a child of God, you can pray this simple prayer of salvation now.
Lord Jesus, come into my heart and make you my Lord and Saviour! Amen

“Yes, Jesus, very urgently do I recommend this poor sinner to you …. He is mine, Jesus; imagine how I wish to save him! I know it, Jesus, I know it, he makes You weep: but believe me, Jesus, at present You must no longer think of his sins; You must think only of the blood which You have shed. How merciful have You not been towards me! All these loving delicacies which You have had for me, I beg of You, have them also for my sinner. Remember that I wish You to save him with me. He is Your child, he is my brother, save him, Jesus!”

-Words of St Gemma Galgani