How does God guide us?

Portrait of beautiful blond girl with glowing candle in hands on dark background, looking up and praying with hope, traditional Christian holiday, Christmas time concept

God guides us through His word in the Bible and through prayer. We speak to God through prayer and He speaks back to us through His word. God can answer our prayers through scripture, sermons, thoughts that enter into our minds or even through a feeling of great peace. But how much of our time do we spend acknowledging God in our everyday lives?

Many people have God in a ‘Sunday morning box at church’, or a ‘Thursday evening box at prayer group’ when they come to pray and think about God. Then they go about their business in the week and don’t really include God in their lives.

They may love and revere God but they don’t think that there can be anything spiritual about going to the supermarket, cooking dinner or meeting with a client at work. As they place God in a box they are missing out on all the blessings and favour God wants to give them. Proverbs 3-6 says “Acknowledge God in all of your ways”.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths – Proverbs 3-6.

If you want God’s guidance in a big way you must acknowledge Him in all of your ways. Not some of your ways. Not with just the big things but the small things as well. One good way of acknowledging God is to simply ask for His help.

When driving on the highway just say “Lord thank you for a safe trip”. When going out to dinner just say “Lord help us to have a good dinner. Bless this time together”. Before going into a meeting at work just say “God I need your blessing that this meeting will go successfully”. God will give you the words to speak, give you ideas and creativity and the people may even like you.

If you can do this with the small things throughout the day that’s acknowledging God. You’re saying in effect “God I need you and I want you in my life”. This causes the creator of the universe to go to work and direct your steps. What should have been a struggle will be done with ease. If you’ll acknowledge God He will go before you and make crooked paths straight. He’ll cause the right people to come your way and he will open doors that you cannot open on your own. He’ll crown your efforts with success.

If in our thoughts we are constantly thinking about God. Thanking Him for His goodness, meditating on His promises and asking for His help. If you include God in everything that you do then you’ve developed the habit of acknowledging God. That’s when He will fight your battles and guide you completely. Your life will be easier and you’ll accomplish more. Doors will open that you never thought could open and God will show you a way when you never saw a way.

As well as guiding us through the small things in life God expects us to do His will whilst we are on this earth. It is one thing to read and understand the Bible but it is another to carry out Gods word. In order for us to accept Gods word and action it we must have complete trust in God in all areas of our lives.

How do we do this?

We do this by acknowledging God with the small things in our lives. This causes us to have complete trust and faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. When we trust in God His promise to us is that He will guide us in big things as well as small.

True faith is knowing that God is directing your steps even when you don’t see anything happening and all doors of opportunity seem closed to you. When you do Gods work such as standing up for the oppressed, helping the poor, feeding the hungry or spreading Gods word..

God will guide you always even when it doesn’t appear that anything is happening.

But your reward comes afterwards when you look back and realize all the good things God has done for you that you couldn’t even perceive or understand at the time. Then you realize that every decision you’ve made could not have been without Gods guidance.

A person who has guidance from God is like an artist taking out a clean sheet of paper and performing a great work. When they look back at the finished work they have full realization that they did not do it on their own.