Holy Hour

Every Thursday evening St Gemma made a Holy Hour in honour of the passion and sufferings of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethesame. She made this Holy Hour faithfully each week until her death.

I was introduced to The Holy Hour through the love of my sister in Christ St Gemma to whom I am extremely grateful. It is by the Grace of God that I came to know St Gemma and be privileged to practice The Holy Hour. Due to the importance of The Holy Hour I have dedicated a full page to it from the main menu.

It is of utmost importance that you spent a minimum of 1 hour a week, preferably each Thursday evening, practicing the Holy Hour. Jesus Christ has granted us the gift of total freedom. Not only freedom from sin but also from the dark forces which oppose us. We need to know how to walk into this freedom and escape from the chains that bind us. Meditating on the Holy Hour does exactly that. It removes all darkness from your life and replaces it with pure light, peace, love and joy.

We live in a world where we are constantly under attack by hostile forces. Some of these forces are known, such as when we are made unhappy by wicked people, but there are other more dangerous forces which are hidden. Not being aware of them places us in a position where we have no defense against them. These evil forces act on us in a cunning and subtle way making us like an innocent animal being caught in a trap. Their intention is to control us so that we are separated from God.

They do this by exposing us to temptations which manifest as motivations to attain world values such as material goods, human recognition, valour and satisfaction of the senses. These are evil desires that lead to nothing. They usually partially satisfy us, if at all, but for how long? They do not satiate the soul but instead lead to a condition where one is placed into a state of pride, arrogance and selfishness. This is shortly followed by disappointment, sadness, impatience, anger, confusion and despair.

And while this process is going on are we aware of it?

Absolutely not!

It is a trick of an evil wizard. A higher entity that makes us do and act what it wants us to do. We are merely a puppet, a play thing as in a play to merely amuse the puppet master. When it gets bored it departs laughing, but only for a while, leaving us in a state of loss, confusion and total despair.

The Holy Hour removes the trick of all these forces and banishes the puppet master. We are no longer a slave to the evil one but are a servant of God. This is because The Holy Hour is meditating on the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has come to save us and set us free. Thanks be to Jesus we are forgiven and all our sins are washed away.

The Holy Hour makes us aware of the pain, suffering and sacrifice that Our Lord Jesus Christ went through to save us and set us free.

“God has suffered much for us. Ought we not suffer something for Him?” – St Paul of The Cross

All Jesus asks of you is one hour of your time to spend with Him.

The Holy Hour not only brings us close to Jesus but it also exposes the evil forces that act on us and stops them in their tracks. We start to become aware of them and recognise them for what they really are. This puts us in a position where we can stand up to them and defeat them. Defeating these evil forces places us in a state of complete mastery.

“The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the shortest way to perfection” – St Paul of The Cross.

When one is in a state of complete mastery one is in complete control. One is not influenced by this world but is a devout servant of Almighty God. It is only then that you will be filled with that everlasting joy and complete peace that this world can never take away from you.

And what is this peace and joy? It is a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding! A peace and joy that is beyond this world!