Directions to Lucca


Italy Map

Lucca is located close to the north west coast of Italy in the region of Tuscany. It lies in a green valley close to Florence. Beginning in Roman times, through the middle ages, on to the Napoleonic era and finally to the Risorgimento, Lucca’s monuments, churches, palaces and roads have a story to tell. Lucca is surrounded by broad walls which date back to the 13th century. They are crowned by green parkland and are a perfect place to walk, cycle or have a picnic.

The closest airport to Lucca is Pisa International Airport which is the main airport in Tuscany. It is also named Galileo Galilei Airport and is an airport located in Pisa, Italy. Pisa is a city located just 23 miles south west of Lucca.

The airport had its own railway station with a service to and from Pisa Central railway station. Train services run regularly from Pisa Central to Lucca and the train journey is about 25 mins. Just remember to stamp your ticket before getting on the train using one of the machines on the platform.


There is also a bus service to Lucca which takes about an hour. Hire cars and taxis are also available from the airport which takes about 25 minutes.