From time to time God calls a generous soul to live a life of sacrifice for others. St Gemma Galgani is no exception. Born in 1878, over 130 years ago, she is showing the world that the way of the Cross leads to love, joy peace and sanctity.

To bring souls to Jesus through prayer and teaching was the one passion of her life. Now more than 100 years later people from all over the world are still being brought to Christ through the intercession of St Gemma.

It was not too long ago that I was spiritually in a very dark place. I was very far away from God and very lost, very selfish and thought I could control my own destiny through my own efforts. This only brought failure, obstacles, disappointment, frustration, anger, dread, worry and fear; fear of illness, disease, destruction and violence. The slightest sound, even a leaf moving, would put terror into my heart. I was forever running away but no one pursued me.

This was my conscience whispering to me. “Are you at enmity with God?”

As I learned more about St Gemma my life changed as she revealed to me new knowledge, wisdom and insight. I became aware that this world of death bound littleness is not all there is. That we are part of something much greater than this surface world of perishing forms.

So what is this blessing from heaven, available to all seekers, that I wish to share with you?

The science of the Saints.

I have written this site in honour of St Gemma, to thank her for her intercession. I believe that God made St. Gemma known to me for a reason. When I read about St. Gemma I realised that she was everything that I was not. She was not a person of lukewarm devotion. Her intense love and devotion for Jesus and Mary touched my heart. Her heart was all on fire for the love of God and Jesus was everything to her. I then knew that God had sent her to me in order to bring me closer to Him.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to St Gemma and to reveal to you the correct path to being filled with love, peace and joy.

So how do you get close to God and free yourself from this life of despair? The answer is simple. Learn from St Gemma. St Gemma was a perfect example of someone who was close to God. All you need to do is to follow St Gemma, know St Gemma, learn how she lived and strive to follow her example. Her devotion, her sincerity, her surrender and her sacrifice to God will be revealed to you.

The path will open before your very eyes and this grace will set you free.

God’s presence will come upon you and you will feel a serenity, peace and joy that is beyond all comprehension. The problems of this world will become insignificant as you walk through victory in Christ.

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved – Romans 10-13.